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Saturday, August 27, 2011

She’s alive: Daughter Gaddafi claimed was killed by airstrikes is working as doctor in Tripoli, dictator’s documents reveal!

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By CHRISTIAN GYSIN, / Last updated at 10:42 PM on 26th August 2011.

The passport photo of 'Hana Gaddafi' who was 'killed' 25 years ago
The passport photo of 'Hana Gaddafi' who was 'killed' 25 years ago.

*Shrine in Gaddafi's 'House of Resistance' to little girl believed dead after 1986 allied airstrikes.

*Bedroom contained Sex And The City boxset and Backstreet Boys CD.

For a quarter of a century, Colonel Gaddafi claimed that his adopted baby daughter Hana was killed in a U.S. airstrike.

The dictator even set up a shrine to the six-month-old infant in his Tripoli compound, with replica American missiles and furniture preserved behind glass screens.

Yesterday, however, it appeared that it was all a ruse to whip up hatred against the West and win sympathy from ordinary Libyans.

Documents and photographs found in the compound suggest that far from perishing in the 1986 attack, Hana is alive – and working as a doctor.

She studied medicine in Tripoli and four years ago took English classes at the British Council in the Libyan capital, for which she received an A grade.

An examination paper from a Libyan medical facility was written in Arabic and signed ‘Hana Muammar Gaddafi’.

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