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Thursday, July 7, 2011

YEMEN CRISIS: 'Qaeda' ambush kills 10 Yemeni soldiers!

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  • Suspected Al-Qaeda militants killed 10 soldiers when they ambushed them on a road in southern Yemen, where the jihadist network has a stronghold, a military official said on Thursday.
    The gunmen opened fire on the vehicle in which the soldiers were travelling on Wednesday north of the city of Loder, in Abyan province, killing them all, the official told AFP.
    Only the driver survived, although he was wounded, a medical official said.
    A witness said he saw three armed men shoot at the soliders, adding they prevented people from carrying away the soldiers' bodies, only allowing them to take the driver to hospital in Loder.
    An official at the hospital confirmed the wounded driver was admitted to the facility, which also later received the bodies of 10 soldiers after the attackers left the scene of the shooting.

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