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Thursday, July 7, 2011

BARACK OBAMA: Tweets for the first time, tweaks Republicans!

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  • Obama tweets for the first time, tweaks Republicans - Reuters
    Obama tweets for the first time, tweaks Republicans - Reuters.

    U.S. President Barack Obama took to Twitter on Wednesday to press his economic agenda, using the popular social media site to tweak Republicans and advocate for a deal to reduce the deficit.
    In a 'town hall' style meeting that lasted about an hour, the president fielded questions posted by users of the Twitter site and sent his first live tweet from a laptop in the White House East Room - making what he called presidential history.
    Sitting on a tall stool with a screen that showed tweeted questions nearby, Obama responded aloud before an audience of 140 invited guests who came to the White House for the event.
    That number was a nod to a key part of "tweeting."
    Twitter users send short, 140-character messages through the Internet about issues large and small.

    Will Dr. Manmohan Singh follow suit?

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