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Monday, July 11, 2011

UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE: Punish those who don't vote - G.V.G Krishnamurthy!

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Punish those who don't vote: G.V.G Krishnamurthy - via Commons
Punish those who don't vote: G.V.G Krishnamurthy - via Commons.

Emphasising that voting should be made mandatory, former Election Commissioner G.V.G Krishnamurthy has said that those who do not use this constitutional right should be punished.
"Those who do not use the constitutional right of casting vote in elections should be punished or fined and their civic rights must be withdrawn for a certain period of time," he said.
"The right to vote is a constitutional right but most citizens don't go to polling booths to cast their votes," he said.

Some of us are so disillusioned on the current electoral system where Crores of Rupees are spent by scoundrels to become Legislators, with zero alternative.

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