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Monday, July 11, 2011

DISCRIMINATION IN WORK-PLACE: Woman in America fired for refusing to dye gray hair!

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A 52-year-old American woman has claimed that she was fired from her job over her refusal to dye her gray hair.

Houston woman Sandra Rawline, who was an escrow officer and branch manager at Capital Title of Texas, said that in August 2009 her boss approached her and told her to confect a more 'upscale image' to go with her real estate firm's move to a new headquarters in Galleria, Texas.
Rawline said she was told to come to work wearing 'younger, fancy suits', lots of jewellery, and she had to dye her gray hair.
When she refused, she was fired within a week and replaced by a woman 10 years her junior, the Guardian reports.
She has now sued the firm for discrimination in a Houston court.

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