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Monday, July 11, 2011

A TRIBUTE TO M.F. HUSSAIN: DLF dedicates annual report to 'ex-employee' M F Hussain!

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In a rare tribute, realty giant DLF has dedicated its latest annual report to renowned painter M F Hussain, its 'ex-employee'. Hussain, who passed away last month of heart attack in London, was an employee of DLF till September 1993.

Earlier Hussain did not know what a 'tax return' was and never expected to make enough money to face taxman. Even after becoming a celebrity, he used to record all his transactions in a pocket diary and in his head, DLF Chairman K P Singh said in the company's annual report.

The company has dedicated the first two pages of the report to Hussain. The first page has a picture of Hussain working on a painting and the second is a note by K P Singh on his association with the artist.

Recalling his association, Singh wrote that he first met Hussain by chance at a railway station in early 60s, when he was travelling by train from Hyderabad to Delhi and "a scraggy looking man with an unkempt beard and dressed in pyjama kurta" wanted to enter the AC coupe of the train.

Singh said that he let Hussain in the AC coupe, where he started sketching him, but he was not "impressed" with the drawing. A few years later Hussain came to Singh's house with a guest and again some days later, the painter came asking for a loan of Rs. 600.

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