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Monday, July 11, 2011

RAMLILA MIDNIGHT MAYHEM: Get ready with CCTV footage of Ramdev camp, says S.C.!

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NDTV Correspondent, Updated: July 11, 2011 15:34 IST.

New Delhi:  The Supreme Court has told the Delhi Police to be ready with security camera footage of Baba Ramdev's  yoga camp which ended with a late night lathi-charge, tear-gassing, and the arrest of the yoga icon while he was disguised as a woman.

The court has said it may view 31 hard disks' worth of footage to determine the sequence of events.

Baba Ramdev has challenged the government's version of what happened that night. The camp had been given permission to operate as a mass-yoga-class for 5,000 people.  However, close to 65,000 people were present, the police has argued in earlier hearings.

Baba Ramdev is being represented by famous lawyer Ram Jethmalani, who said in court today that the police has to explain why water-cannons and teargas were used in a closed enclosure, risking the lives of thousands of attendees.  Mr Jethmalani also wanted a notice to be served to Home Minister P Chidambaram on the matter  - the court said it will consider this at a later point.

The yoga guru was on a hunger strike at his camp when it was disrupted by the police.  He, like opposition parties, has described the government's action as "the murder of democracy."

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