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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TELENGANA TANGLE: Political Turmoil in A.P., 83 MLAs, 10 MPs quit for T!

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83 MLAs, 10 MPs quit for T

July 4: In probably the biggest such political action in India, 83 legislators, including 12 state ministers from the Congress, the Telugu Desam, the Praja Rajyam and Independents and 10 MPs submitted their resignations as planned on Monday, plunging Telangana into turmoil and the state government into a crisis.
* 83 MLAs out of 118 MLAs quit
* 11 T-ministers among 41 Congress MLAs resign. 4 ministers, 4 MLAs, Deputy Speaker hold out.
* 33 Telugu Desam MLAs quit before Congress legislators turn up.
* 2 Praja rajyam, 3 Ind. MLAs resign.
* MIM and CPM,  not part of resignation move.
* 17 T-MPs in Lok Sabha: 9 Congress MPs quit. 2 TD MPs have today.
* 5 T-MPs in RS (all Congress): 1 quits, the others refuse.

Two BJP MLAs and Three CPI MLAs too will quit shortly.

With this, its going a total turmoil for the Congress Government in A.P., unless UPA Government at the Centre announces some positive decision on the long pending 'Separate Telengana State'!

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