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Sunday, July 10, 2011

SAARC: Must unite against terror - PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh!

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Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on Saturday warned all South Asian countries against terrorism and sought united efforts to defeat the menace that has already taken a “huge toll” on the region. “The scourge of terrorism has taken a huge toll on all our society. It is a cancer that if not checked will consume us all. I would like to believe that we collectively have the will and foresight to prevent such a disastrous outcome,” Dr Singh said addressing the fifth conference of the Association of Saarc Speakers and Parliamentarians.

Dr Singh said the region will not be able to realise its full potential unless it develops a culture of solving the problems on its own while at the same time calling for resolution of “differences” among nations peacefully.

“South Asia cannot realise its full potential unless and until we resolve our differences peacefully and develop the culture of solving our problems ourselves,” he said. He also categorically stated that “others cannot solve our problems”.

How is such unity possible when the neighbouring countries shelters the secessionists of other county by calling them 'freedom fighters'?

Until and unless all members of SAARC renounce the Terrorism as an Instrument of State, the counter-terrorism shall continue to be fight of individual countries!

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