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Thursday, July 7, 2011

PAK CAULDRON: North Korea paid bribes for Pakistan n-technology: A.Q.Khan!!

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North Korea bribed top Pakistani military officials to have access to sensitive nuclear technology and equipment in the late 1990s, claims disgraced nuclear scientist A.Q. Khan.
Washington Post reported that Khan has made available documents that show he personally transferred over $3 million in payments by North Korea to senior officers in the Pakistani military.
The newspaper said that Khan has also released a copy of a North Korean official's 1998 letter that give details of the clandestine deal.
While Western intelligence officials think the letter is authentic, Pakistani officials have called the letter a fake.
The media report said that if the letter is genuine, it would show corruption related to nuclear weapons.
The letter dated July 15, 1998 and marked 'Secret' said that the '3 millions dollars have already been paid' to one Pakistani military official.
"Half a million dollars" and some jewellery had been given to a second official, said the letter bearing the apparent signature of North Korean Workers' Party Secretary Jon Byong Ho.

Well any way, its common knowledge that Pakistanis Military Officials have been accepting bribes to give clearance to the smuggling of Nuclear Technology, eversince Pak acquired 'Islamic Bomb', what surprising is why A Q Khan is exposing those murky deals, now?

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