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Friday, July 15, 2011

Osama bin Laden: was planning 9/11 anniversary attack - Report!

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By ELIAS GROLL | 7/14/11 6:07 PM EDT /

Osama bin Laden is seen in this image broadcast Wednesday, April, 17, 2002, by the London-based Middle East Broacasting Corp. | AP Photo

Osama bin Laden was planning an attack on the United States to coincide with the tenth anniversary of 9/11, according to intelligence seized at bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan that was reported by the Wall Street Journal Thursday.
The attack was only in its planning stages, unnamed U.S. officials told the Journal. The sources said the evidence indicated that bin Laden and his lieutenants were in the process of selecting operatives for the attack when the U.S. commandos struck the al Qaeda leader’s compound in Abbottabad on May 2.
Beyond general discussions of an attack on Sept. 11, the evidence does not indicate whether bin Laden had settled on a specific target for the attack, though al Qaeda has a well-known penchant for striking symbolically significant targets.

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