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Sunday, July 17, 2011

LOK PAL BILL: Ramlila crackdown: Hazare to move Supreme Court!

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PTI / The Hindu / NEW DELHI, July 17, 2011.

Civil society activist Anna Hazare. File photo
Civil society activist Anna Hazare. File photo - The Hindu.

Citing the police crackdown on Ramdev and his supporters at Ramlila Ground here, activist Anna Hazare on Sunday said he will approach the Supreme Court seeking its intervention to ensure that the government does “not suppress” his fast on Lokpal issue beginning August 16.
“Government said we will suppress the agitation of Anna Hazare as had been done in the case of Baba Ramdev. Is this democracy or autocracy? You cannot suppress.... That is why we will go to the Supreme Court on Monday,” Mr. Hazare told reporters here.
Holding that the Constitution has given right to every citizen to protest democratically, the anti-corruption activist said he will launch his indefinite fast here from August 16 as announced.
“The Constitution has given right to every citizen to lodge a protest. We will launch the agitation from August 16,” he said.
The exercise to work out an agreed draft of the Lokpal Bill between the Government and Hazare-led civil society had ended in failure last month after which Mr. Hazare had announced that he will go ahead with his August fast.

01) Team-Anna has done a yeoman's job in rising the awareness among the people that a comprehensive Lokpal is required to fight against the rampant corruption that has been in existence in India at all levels and planes of our system.

02) While I, firmly, feel that the Lok Pal should confine to the National level high constitutional offices, while we can have other watch dogs for Judiciary, Revenue Departments and all, to ensure each does a focused job;

03) Now the fact of the matter is that the Lok Pal should be passed by the Members of Parliament and the Government of the day doesn't enjoy the majority and hence needs large-scale support from the opposition parties and no further pressure from any quarters can change this reality;

04)  Therefore, Team-Anna should allow some breathing space to the UPA Government and the Political Parties of India;

05) Despite this, if he or anybody goes ahead with 'Fast-onto-Death', they might allow the faster to die, the way they did to Swami Nigmanand, killing the cause with the faster-onto-death.
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