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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Harvard students want Prof. Subramanian Swamy out after inflammatory op-ed!
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July 28, 2011 Agencies, Cambridge , Massachusetts / DC.

Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy during a press conference - PTI
Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy during a press conference - PTI.

Janata Party leader and Harvard summer school teacher Subramanian Swamy is being asked to leave by students at the university who have expressed anger over an article written by him following the recent Mumbai blasts, the Wall Street Journal has reported
A petition signed by over 200 students and faculty members, accuses Swamy of being a 'bigoted promoter of communalism in India' and wants his association with the University terminated immediately.
Writing for the DNA newspaper, Swamy had stated: "Muslims of India are being programmed by a slow reactive process to become radical and thus slide into suicide against Hindus.” He also suggests that only Muslims in India who 'acknowledge that their ancestors were Hindus' should be allowed to vote.
About Kashmir, Swamy wrote the 'Valley be settled with ex-servicemen to demonstrate a sort of civilian shock-and-awe campaign that would establish it as Hindu and Indian once and for all'.
The petition at Harvard, meanwhile, is drawing attention the fact that a follower of such 'views' cannot find place in the university.
“The highly insulting and stereotypical nature of his comments suggest that he cannot be trusted to regard Muslims — and no doubt other groups–with anything but a jaundiced eye,” it said.
The petition went on: "While free expression and the vigorous contest of ideas are essential in any academic community, so, too, are respect and tolerance for human difference. By advocating measures that would grossly violate freedom of religion and the unqualified right to vote for different religious groups, and by aggressively vilifying an entire religious community, Swamy breaches the most basic standards of respect and tolerance."

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