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Friday, July 8, 2011

Gifted Edu programme: TN can take Cue from U.S.!

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June 7, 2011 / By N. Arun Kumar, DC, Chennai.

Gifted? TN can take Cue from U.S.

At a time when academicians, private schools and the state government are busy debating over the implementation of uniform schooling system, several countries like Singapore and USA have implemented ‘Gifted Education Programme’ (GEP) which provides flexibility in the teaching-learning process according to the skill set of the student.
What is Gifted Edu programme
Some students have an advanced rate of learning, capacity for remarkably high standards of achievement compared to students of the same age. GEP is designed for these children who can complete the syllabus in a much lesser time. Gifted children are selected based on an entrance test and teachers with special training are recruited by schools to teach them.
With this programme in place, both gifted children (fast learners) and slow learners benefit.
Experts say that children have varying abilities and it is not right to provide the same education to every child and expect them to move at the same pace as their peers.
The intellectually gifted need a high degree of mental stimulation. Mainstream classrooms are not designed to cater to gifted children who might become mediocre, indifferent or disruptive in class.

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