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Friday, July 15, 2011

AJMAL KASAB: Birthday spurs war on Wikipedia!

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File photo- Ajmal Kasab on 26/11 Mumbai terror attack - PTI
File photo- Ajmal Kasab on 26/11 Mumbai terror attack - PTI.

Full Story at,At the time of Wednesday’s bombings in Mumbai, crowd-sourcing encyclopedia Wikipedia had listed Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab’s birthday as July 13, 1987, attributing the date to a newspaper article written just days after the 26/11 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Another story purported to describe how the only attacker captured alive by police celebrated his 22nd birthday in Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail on September 13.

However, around an hour and a half after Wednesday’s attacks, the birth date was changed in the biographical text on Wikipedia to September 22, 1987, although the July 13 date was left under his photograph, according to the entry’s history page.
Minutes later, the next revision changed the date under the photograph to September 13.
Minutes after that, a Wikipedia contributor identified the changes as online 'vandalism' and changed the date back to July, the Wall Street Journal reports.
Full Story at,

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