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Monday, June 27, 2011

UP CRIMES & POLITICS: Mayawati government turning fascist: Congress!

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New Delhi: Coming down hard on Mayawati for the Uttar Pradesh police's high-handedness towards IBN7 journalist Shalabh Mani Tripathi, Uttar Pradesh state Congress chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi said that the state government is turning fascist.
"I think it is the most detestable act of the UP govt because if they are trying to assault the fourth estate - the journalists and the media which is responsible for showcasing the sentiments of the people then it is the last straw in scuttling democracy in the country. Mayawati in all her acts is successively proving that she doesn't believe in democracy and is heading towards a fascist regime," she said.
IBN7 Managing Editor Ashutosh also slammed the attack on colleague Shalabh Tripathi, calling it a sad day for Indian journalism.
Detaining him, illegally at 11 PM, without giving any reason for arrest, manhandling and releasing him only when 60 odd journalists of Lucknow took a rally to the CMs Office, via the Police Station, concerned, smacks of the "vengeance attacks" of the police against the relentless exposure of the series of murders of the Sr. Medical Officers (mysteriously) and the rampant Rapes that have been happening quite frequently, in UP!
Mayawathi, indeed, is running a 'fascist' regime by invoking that the opposition parties in the state are against her because she belongs to a particular caste!!
Instead of acting like a dictator, she better bring 'law & order' situation and the rampant crimes against the innocent girls and the journalists!!!

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