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Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Being Called Sexy" is NOT OK, Ms. Mamta Sharma!

Your recent Ill-Advise at a seminar, to some students and sadhvis of Jaipur (Rajastan): "Don't be offended if someone says ‘sexy’, rather take it positively" is not only highly offensive and insulting to the womenfolk, whom we respect, in India and most parts of the World.

According to  'Sexy" means being erotically attractive to another and its Synonyms are,

Arousing, Come-hither, Cuddly, Flirtatious, Hot*, Inviting, Kissable, Libidinous, Provocative, Provoking,  Racy, Risqué, Seductive, Sensual, Sensuous, Slinky, Spicy*, Steamy, Suggestive, Titillating & Voluptuous.

None of the above is ever used to praise a women; “Sexy” just means “Sexy” Only, nothing more and nothing less.  “Sexy” doesn't mean ‘Charming’, ‘Beautiful’ ‘Attractive’, et al and it just means “Sexy” in any culture and in any lingo it is said.

Though, I myself do have some different words to refer to the 'Beauty' of 'an Automobile' or 'a Building' or 'a Garden' or anything, I have heard people calling them “Sexy”, which is acceptable.

But to call a Woman is outraging her modesty, which is a criminal offence and can be prosecutable as such, unless the offender is already not lynched by the passers-by.

No Self-Respecting Lady would want to bet commented upon as "Sexy" unless she is in a profession where it help enhance her prospects.

No doubt you need to improve your language & inter-personal skills.

I am shocked how you are still allowed to continue as the Chairperson of (of all) the “National Women’s Commission” by the UPA Government and especially, Madam Sonia Gandhi!!!

I am not at all surprised that your counter-parts at the State-Level are certifying 'Rape-Cases' as 'non-sequiturs'. 

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