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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Anti-Cholesterol Drugs Cause Damage to Liver & Muscles, Diabetes and Memory Loss!!!

According to an Article, entitled, "Anti-Cholesterol Drugs Raise Sugar", by Ms. Teena Thacker in  Today's Deccan Chronicle Daily, USFDA Confirms, 

Ill Effects of Statin Drugs:-

01) Liver Injury in Rare Cases;

02) May lead to Memory Loss;

03) Risk of elevated Sugar Levels that could precipitate the condition in Diabetics OR give Diabetes to those who are presently free of it;

04) Potential for Muscle Damage.

Further, I read somewhere that Statins are harmful to the Heart, which damage is one of the major concerns of Cholesterol problem.  Though many Doctors say that its benefits far out-weigh the ill side-effects of them, I believe that we should start avoiding usage of 'Statins' altogether.

Instead of exposing us to a wide variety of dangerous health-conditions, while trying to control Cholesterol, it is better to discard them and to control Cholesterol with alternative herbs like, Artichoke Leaf, Capsicum, Garlic (not more than Two cloves a day), Alfalfa & Fenugreek Seeds, Psyllium, Chinese Red Yeast, Rice Extract, Guggul, Ginger and Butcher's Broom which not only controls LDL (bad Cholesterol) while raising the HDL (the good Cholesterol) and some even controls triglyceride apart from protecting us from a host of other ailments. [For a detailed information, kindly visit,].

Alternative Medicine-Streams like, 'Ayurveda', 'Sidha', 'Unani', 'Acupressure', 'Acupuncture', 'chines-Medicine', et al appear to be more in tune with the philosophy of 'curing without any side-effects'.  We should start switching over to these Traditional Medicines, in consultation with qualified physicians of these specialisation. 

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