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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

LONDON RIOTS: 3 killed, 750 arrested!

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Altamash Hashmi, CNN-IBN / Updated Aug 10, 2011 at 09:09pm IST.

New Delhi: A massive police presence and hundreds of arrests have helped calm the situation in London where riots have raged for the past four days. However, other cities like Birmingham and Manchester are now seeing similar chaos, with mobs looting stores, burning property and attacking police stations.

Britain is going through its worst mob violence in decades and now people are coming out on the streets to protect their businesses, while demanding tougher response from law enforcement agencies.

A resident of Enfield Resident said, "They need to feel afraid of harming families. I've got a family. We do not want families and kids crying in their own houses feeling unsafe because the police are not containing and crushing this stupid uprising of a load of hoodies who are just bums."

"We are the Enfield anti-rioting squad. You want to riot our turf then let's have it mate. We are here to smash you up. You want to riot our place, we will riot you mate. This is our area not your area," said another resident.

The riots in London have stopped, after a tough crackdown of 750 arrests, 16000 policemen deployed, but they have spread to even more cities:

In Manchester where Mobs attacked shops.

In Birmingham, Three British Asians were killed while protecting their family.

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