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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

LIBYAN PHOTOS: The siege of the Rixos hotel - Gadaffi Forces take Foreign hostages!

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By Andy Bloxham, / 8:46AM BST 24 Aug 2011.

The 35 hostages have been barred from leaving the building by gunmen brandishing AK-47s who have vowed to defend their country against rebels.

Food and water are running out, gunmen are "roaming the corridors" and snipers have been posted on the roof. Electrical power has also died in parts of the hotel.

Those inside include journalists from the BBC and ITN, as well as an Indian member of parliament and the former US congressman Walter Fauntroy.

The Foreign Office is considering what action to take but if the gunmen remain defiant and the hostages are not released, they are likely to have to consider a rescue by special forces such as the SAS.

The building has been the base for the pro-Gaddafi television station in the Libyan capital and it is where foreign journalists reporting the regime's activities were forced to stay.

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