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Saturday, August 20, 2011

ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN STRIFE: Israel continues air strikes on Gaza!

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Rockets have been launched from Gaza into Israel and Israeli aircraft have struck targets in the Palestinian territory in the back-and-forth aftermath of deadly attacks a day before in southern Israel.
At least eleven Palestinians have been killed and 30 were injured in the past 24 hours by Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip which began on Thursday.  Four Israelis have been injured by rockets fired from Gaza.
The casualties are a result of exchanged attacks following a series of deadly assaults by gunmen who targeted two buses, a car and an army vehicle in the area north of Israel's Red Sea resort of Eilat on Thursday.
Eight Israelis, including six civilians and two soldiers, were killed that day alongside seven of the attackers, among which were two suicide bombers who detonated near a bus and during a confrontation with soldiers. Over 40 Israelis were also wounded, local media reported.
Israel said the attackers had infiltrated from the Hamas-run Gaza Strip and vowed, and officials vowed to "hunt down" the perpetrators.
Israeli officials have blamed a Gaza-based militant group called the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) for Thursday's attacks, although the faction has denied any involvement. The PRC is not affiliated with the Hamas movement that governs Gaza.
Al Jazeera's Safwat Al Kahlout said a fresh air strike on the Gaza Strip hit Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza late Friday night, killing two PRC members.
This was the Israeli air forces' sixth operation since beginning their raids in retaliation for Thursday's incidents.
Hours earlier, the Israeli air force targeted rocket launchers, "two weapons manufacturing sites in central Gaza" and "terrorist activity in the north and the south" of the strip", the Israeli military told Al Jazeera.
Five members of the PRC, including its leader, were killed in Thursday's overnight air strike in Gaza's southern city of Rafah and another killed on Friday, Al Kahlout reported from Gaza.
Abu Mujahid, a PRC spokesman, has said the group vows to take revenge "against everything and everyone" for its members’ deaths.
Medical sources said at least three civilians have also been killed, including two boys aged three and 13 who died early on Friday.
Rockets from Gaza
Over 24 rockets had been fired from Gaza into Israel by Friday night, some reaching as far as the southern coastal city of Ashdod, the Israeli military confirmed.

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