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Sunday, August 28, 2011

FASHION FIGHTS: All six yards of saree design!

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Shampa Dhar-Kamath, Express News Service / Last Updated : 27 Aug 2011 11:44:14 PM IST.

The newspapers tell us there’s a controversy brewing. No, it doesn’t involve a gent who’s playing fast and loose with his health on national television, or his acolytes who’ve got their clipped hair and accents mixed up. This is an uncivil society fight between a Delhi designer, and a Mumbai one who has allegedly copied the former’s trademark style of draping sarees over jeans at fashion shows. The Delhi girl says the style is all hers and she has “used it and made saris contemporary. So how can anyone else do the same thing and claim this as an original piece of work? It’s wrong.”

Er, Delhi designer, I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but how is wearing a Saree over jeans stylish or contemporary (I presume you mean in a desirable way)? Some girls I went to school and college with, used to wear sarees over churidars or jeans for school functions, but that’s because they either didn’t have petticoats, or the confidence in their staying up for the duration of the event. I don’t think the girls saw the fusion as fashionable; just convenient.

Personally, I don’t see it as worthy of anyone’s style.

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