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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

D.B. COOPER SKYJACKING CASE: DNA doesn't link new suspect!

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Associated Press / / August 9, 2011.

The D.B. Cooper investigation
An artist's sketches of D.B. Cooper. The mysterious Cooper became an urban hero for outsmarting corporate America and evading the U.S. government for 40 years. (FBI / Associated Press).

OLYMPIA, WASH. —— DNA testing failed to link a new suspect in the D.B. Cooper hijacking case to a necktie that he left on the plane in 1971, the FBI said Monday.

Special Agent Frederick Gutt cautioned that the test did not necessarily rule out the deceased man because investigators did not know whether DNA on the tie was that of the hijacker. Gutt said there were three different DNA samples on the necktie and it was not clear where the hijacker got it.

"There are some questions about the tie itself: Was it a used tie, a borrowed tie?" Gutt said.

Investigators compared the DNA on the tie to the DNA of someone in the new suspect's family, Gutt said. A woman in Oklahoma recently came forward to tell of her belief that her uncle, Lynn Doyle Cooper, was the hijacker — which she based largely on memories from when she was 8 years old.

Gutt said that the FBI had an inconclusive round of fingerprint testing on a guitar strap and that investigators were working with family members to identify other items that could be tested further for fingerprints.

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