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Monday, August 8, 2011

Chennai police to hotels: Ban Lankans!

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August 8, 2011 / By Sindhu Kannan, DC, Chennai.

The Chennai city police has in a shocking move instructed hotels in the city not to accommodate pilgrims from Sri Lanka after two attacks on visitors from the island nation.

The knee-jerk reaction by the police has led to pilgrims cancelling their plans to visit the Maha Bodhi Society in Chennai.

“A few hotels and lodges in North Chennai are denying rooms to the pilgrims from the Maha Bodhi Society, citing orders from the police,” said officials of the society.

With season for pilgrimage commencing from the end of July, the Maha Bodhi Society, a religious centre which can accommodate only 250 people, is now struggling to find place to accommodate the overwhelming pilgrims. Now that hotels are turning them away, the pilgrims say they have no place to stay.

The Lankan nationals say the police action is like insult added to injury.

When contacted, additional commissioner of police (law and order) Thamarai Kannan denied that the police had issued instructions to hotels not to take Lankans as guests.

Hotels say they were ordered by cops

While the Chennai police has in an outrageous step allegedly instructed hotels and lodges not to provide accommodation to Sri Lankan pilgrims and then denied that any such instruction had been issued, officials at a hotel in Egmore who refused to give rooms to the pilgrims last week told them that they were acting on the directions of the city police.

01)  Attacking Sri Lankan Pilgrims in Chennai is like Islamist Terrorists angry with U.S. hegemony killing innocent and unconnected people, most of the time their own!

02)  It is a fact that under Rajepakshe's leadership, Sri Lankan Army has indulged in mass-scale genocide against Tamil Citizens of Sri Lanka and the common Sri Lankan citizens have no role in that massacre!!

03)  Now, Chennai Police instructing Hotels not to accommodate Sri Lankans is an insult to injury and a gross inhospitality to the visiting tourists!!!

04)  I, firmly, believe, this kind of selective discrimination against Sri Lankans is a grave violation of Constitutional Provisions accorded to the visitors to India!!!!

05)  Hope, Jayalalitha would stop her Police committing such inhuman violations to vent their anger against the Sri Lankan Administration!!!!!

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