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Sunday, August 28, 2011

BICKERING IN TEAM-ANNA: Team Anna attacks Agnivesh over controversial video!

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Press Trust Of India / / Posted on Aug 28, 2011 at 07:51pm IST.

New Delhi: Swami Agnivesh, a close associate of Anna Hazare, was the target of the core Team Anna which attacked him over a controversial video posted on YouTube where he is purportedly telling a person alleged to be a Union Minister that the government should act tough with the fasting Gandhian.

Agnivesh on his part claimed the video footage was 'doctored and concocted' and part of a smear campaign against him and denied he was talking to Union Minister Kapil Sibal. The minister was involved in negotiations during the initial stages of the stand-off between Team Anna and the Government.

Team Anna member Kiran Bedi alleged that Agnivesh has been caught on camera where is asking a person after addressing him as 'Kapil', "Maharaj, why are you giving them so much?'.

"Who's Maharaj? whether it is Kapil Sibal on the other side. He said Sibal sahab, I heard that," she said.

Bedi accused Agnivesh of being absolutely unethical. The core Anna Team and Agnivesh had developed differences during the course of Hazare's fast.

Bedi told PTI that the footage has "shocked us all and we are very uncomfortable" with it.

"Only he can answer this. He should own it or reject. However it leaves no doubt. It obviously tell us what happened. He should tell us who is the person whom he mentioned in this," she added.

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  1. 01) This Video Clip is available on YouTube and gives the below as the original link:-

    02) As he claims that it was doctored one, the same can be verified to prove his complicity or otherwise by forensic experts.

    03) He, however, has openly advocated that Annaji should break his fast once the PM, Opposition Leaders and The Speaker requested him to do so and shouldn't wait till Parliament Resolution is effected.