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Thursday, August 18, 2011

ANTI-CORRUPTION MOVEMENT: Spontaneous crowds gather in support of Anna!

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Smriti Advani, CNN-IBN / Updated Aug 18, 2011 at 12:07am IST.

New Delhi: Anna supporters can be seen in huge numbers - outside Tihar Jail where Anna Hazare is staying, at Chhatrasal Stadium, where protesters were held and at JP Park, where Anna Hazare was to fast. They came in all shapes and sizes - some on their feet and some even on wheels.

So, who are the faces behind thousands of people out on the streets of Delhi - waving the national flag, passionately screaming slogans and sometimes even doing the things they would usually not do.

Mohammad is a driver and he doesn't know what the Lokpal or the Jan Lokpal Bill is, but he learnt about the 74-year-old man dressed in white with a Gandhi cap when he saw him on television on Wednesday morning. He was moved. So Mohammad came to Tihar Jail early this morning to show his support.

"I saw him on the news, so I come here to support him," said Mohammad.

Pramod, a student from Bihar, however knows both Anna and the two anti corruption bills behind this standoff. He came all the way to tell Anna - I am with you.

"The Government should just let him go," said Pramod.

What started as a crowd of just about 80 people outside the Tihar Jail practically tripled in number by the end of the day, with residents from neighbouring houses and students from nearby schools and colleges joining in the protest.

01) And the UPA Mis-managers having failed to stick any mud on Team-Anna's integrity have now started claiming the whole movement is being engineered by RSS (though, I, personally, see any reason why RSS shouldn't support a cause as this having such a great National Importance) and is instigated by U.S.A.!

02) True, among other entities RSS too has supporting this Anti-Corruption Movement and that fact is not going to make the seething anger of Indian citizens any less diluted;

03) Its also true that NRIs from USA too have supported this movement along with other NRIs from across the Globe, this fact doesn't prove the allegation that USA is instigating this unrest;

04) Coincidentally, that 'foot-in-the-mouth' spokes person of State Dept. - who has no business on this issue - has lost her tongue, a few days ago, which was snubbed by the GoI, instantly;

05) None of the above factors make this spontaneous mass movement, against corruption, any less serious to be ignored or branded as anti-national!

06) Only fools who live in their own paradises would believe the those who came out onto the city centres, across India aren't the voters who voted this UPA into power in 2009 and would vote in the 2014 elections!!!

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