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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ANTI-CORRUPTION MOVEMENT: "Foreign hand" in Anna movement: baffling Congress allegation!

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New Delhi:  Suspecting "foreign" hand behind Anna Hazare's anti-graft movement, Congress today raised questions on the US' statement that India would exercise "appropriate democratic restraint" in dealing with peaceful protest and asked the government to inquire how a "lone" civil rights activist is drawing support.

"US never supported any movement in India since its independence. For the first time, the US said that Anna Hazare's movement should be allowed and there should be no obstruction to it. What was the need for the US to give this statement?

"It needs to be considered whether there is any power which is supporting this movement which wants to destabilize not only the government but the country. We need to take the statement of the US seriously,"

01) The day Congress rids itself of its 'Shooting-in-the-Mouth' spokespersons that it has now, it will stop committing blunder after blunder as it has been doing, lately!

02) It is an insult to the intelligence of the common people of all ages, stations-in-life and of diverse backgrounds, converging on each city centre, from across India, supporting 'Anna Hazare' - a simpleton, ex-army Jawan, from a remote village - who has been raising his voice against the corruption, that they are instigated by a foreign power or a local one!

03) Congress leadership is definitely, not listening to the voice of the people of India and foolishly believe that those who shout on the streets aren't those who voted them to power in 2009 and who would vote in 2014!!!

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