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Friday, August 26, 2011

ANNALILA: Rahul-Giri: cold drinks, samosas for protesters!

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NDTV Correspondent / Updated: August 26, 2011 17:42 IST.

Delhi:  A group of protesters outside Rahul Gandhi's home this evening were put into buses by the police. Not before a little taste of Rahul Gandhi-giri.

His staff sent cold drinks and samosas to the demonstrators. Which were accepted.

The protesters -many of them appeared to be college students - were responding to a request made by Anna Hazare's aides.  They have asked people who support 74-year-old Anna's anti-corruption movement to make their voices heard at the homes of MPs and ministers.  The idea is to prove that Anna's Jan Lokpal Bill has popular support.  The Bill is what has provoked Anna's fast, now in its 11th day.  He says he will not eat till parliament approves the Jan Lokpal Bill, which creates a new agency to tackle corruption among public servants.

Yesterday, in the afternoon, four metro stations near the Prime minister's home were closed to prevent people from protesting there. 300 people, however, managed to demonstrate there till they were taken away by the police.



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