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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Agitated Yeddyurappa smashes laptop, slaps minister!

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Yahoo! India News – 4 hours ago.

Bangalore: After being demoted to the status of caretaker chief minister of Karnataka and not being able to choose his successor, BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa vented his anger by smashing former BJP president Venkaiah Naidu’s laptop, Times of India reported.

According to India Today, Yeddyurappa wanted Naidu to sign a letter supporting him but when the latter refused, the ex-chief minister in a fit of rage grabbed Naidu's laptop and smashed it on the floor.

However, Venkaiah Naidu denied the report that Yeddyurappa smashed hislaptop when asked to tender his resignation saying he doesn't carry a laptop, reports Hindustan Times.

The incident unfolded at a party meeting at the Lalit Ashok hotel, where Naidu and other BJP leaders had been demanding Yeddyurappa’s resignation.

But a disgrunted Yeddyurappa was not finished at this as he slapped a fellow party member who had gone to meet him at his residence.  

Both the incident happened in the presence of party members. In the past, on several occasions Yeddyurappa behaved badly with party officials and has been advised to by BJP senior leaders to control his temper. 

His three year rule was troubled. The list of problems is endless - three rebellions, corruption charges such as favouring kin with prime land in and around Bangalore, turning a blind eye to rampant illegal iron ore mining, allowing his sons to financially benefit from firms involved in illegal mining; and luring Congress and JD-S legislators to defect with offer of money and plum posts.

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  1. THis crook along with other political thugs who are in jail at present must clean the toiletes and kitchen of the jail for Rs 20/day labour. They should know how the ordinary Indian live and survive due to the sin of these political criminals and corporate looters.