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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rural Livelihoods and Sustainable Living: Case-43: A SMOOTH RIDE FOR BHAGYAMMA!

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Nagoti Bhagyamma and her husband Chengal Rayud are daily wage earners in B Pappuru Village in Narpala Mandal of Anantapur district.  They have two daughters and a son. 

Because they were so poor they did not even have a roof over their heads. For a time, Chengal Rayud worked as a lorry driver but he fell ill and could not drive any more. He set up a small service centre to repair punctured tyres.  Bhagyamma started by helping her husband and learned on the job. 

During 2002 when the watershed activities of APRLP started in the village, she joined the Ankamma self-help group and started saving Rs.50 per month. The self-help group has ten members and they have opened a bank account in the Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank. The Ankamma self-help group joined the village organisation after six months of its formation by paying Rs.500 as a membership fee. 

Bhagyamma’s son Hemamber who had studied up to the 10th class, dropped out of school as they could not afford money for his education.  She got Hemamber to learn the trade and he too started helping his parents to run the tyre service centre. Bhagyamma then borrowed Rs.25, 000 from the Productivity Enhancement fund of APRLP and bought an air-filling and welding machine. With this input she was able to upgrade their services. 

They charge Rs.10 to repair a two-wheeler tyre, Rs.40 for a tractor tyre and Rs.50 for a lorry tyre. They earn around Rs.500 a day as there is a great need for their services. They also provide welding services for the vehicles. After meeting their expenses which are approximately Rs.1, 500–2,000 per month, they make a profit of Rs.10, 000–15,000 a month. With this they have been able to construct their own house in 2006, and in 2007 both their daughters were married.

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