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Friday, July 8, 2011

PURULIA ARMS DROP CASE: India talks tough to Denmark on Kim Davy issue!

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New Delhi: India has talked tough to Denmark on the extradition fiasco of Kim Davy, the main accused in the Purulia arms dropping case. Sources say, Copenhagen is obliged to ensure that Davy, a terrorist and a gunrunner, doesn't get shelter in Denmark.
India has also warned Denmark of similar non-cooperation with respect to Indian criminals wanted by Danish authorities, if it doesn't ensure Davy's extradition to face trial here.
The warning of reciprocal action comes after the Danish government has pleaded helpness in appealing to the Supreme Court against the High Court decision.
India talks tough to Denmark on Kim Davy issue

Is this tough talk for the public consumption, as it is rumoured that there has been a systematic sabotage of the CBI case and failure of the Ministry of External Affairs to represent its case in the Danish Courts, properly, to avoid bringing Davvy back into India to try under Indian laws, to ensure the real funders of the entire operation among the Indian Political Establishment?!

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