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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NEW BOOK: "The Pirates of Somalia: Inside Their Hidden World" By Jay Bahadur!

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AP Last Updated : 19 Jul 2011 /

NAIROBI, Kenya: The pirates were nervous. A rookie author — a white man from Canada — had unexpectedly arrived in their cliff-top Somali village to ask about the captured ship anchored offshore.
Locals fearing a showdown quietly melted away into a small collection of shacks.
The encounter with the deadly gang forms the final chapter of "The Pirates of Somalia: Inside Their Hidden World," a first-of-its kind book that saw author Jay Bahadur live among the pirates. Bahadur's book is being released Tuesday in the U.S.
"They were paranoid beyond belief. They thought I was a CIA agent," the tall, soft-spoken writer told The Associated Press. "I thought they were going to shoot us."
Sweating with heat and nerves, Bahadur questioned the pirates and secretly filmed them before being whisked off by his own gang of armed bodyguards.
Bahadur spent months in Somalia at a time when pirate attacks were skyrocketing in both frequency and violence. His book takes readers through the evolution of the pirate groups from garrulous, self-proclaimed vigilantes who claimed they were protecting Somalia's waters from illegal fishing vessels to the deadly criminal gangs they are today.
The author, now 27, was living with his parents and writing marketing reports about pet food and napkins when he began planning his trip to Somalia. He had never been to Africa before.

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