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Monday, July 4, 2011

NEW AL QAEDA MANUAL: tells terrorists to pretend to be gay to avoid ‘female spy honeytraps’!
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Al-Qaeda fanatics in Britain were told to lie about their sexuality in an attempt to avoid women who may be spies, it has emerged.
According to, a new terror-training manual told Islamic extremists to pretend to be gay if a woman approaches them in case she is a ‘honeytrap’ spy sent by security services.
“Many hotels, especially in busy UK cities have women hanging around the lobby areas in order to attract men,” said the manual.
“A young beautiful woman may come and talk to you. The first thing you do to protect yourself from such a ­situation is to make dua (prayers) to Allah for steadfastness,” it said.
“The second thing is to find an excuse to get away from her that is realistic and sensible, such as you having a girlfriend for the past few years and you are loyal to her or you are ­homosexual,” it added.

A truly tall-order even for hardened terrorists to avoid attraction of the opposite sex and also to kill their pride to pretend to be gay!

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