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Saturday, July 2, 2011

NEERAJ GROVER MURDERER: Released Maria Susairaj meets the press!
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 Kannada actress Maria Susairaj being released from Byculla jail in Mumbai. - PTI
Kannada actress Maria Susairaj being released from Byculla jail in Mumbai. - PTI.

This is a breaking news report
Hours after she walked free from Mumbai's Bycula jail, actress Maria Susairaj visited a church, sought blessings, slammed rumours and interacted with the press in Mumbai.
She was expected to arrive in Bengaluru following her release.
Susairaj was sentenced to three years in jail on Friday by a Mumbai court for destroying evidence in the Grover murder case. Since she had already served more than three years as an undertrial, she was ordered to be released once she had paid the compensation amount of Rs.50,000 to the victim's family.
It has been reported that the actress headed straight for church after her release and 'broke down' as she prayed and 'thanked god' for her freedom. She was accompanied by her brother.
Susairaj then held a press conference which was also attended by her lawyer. The actress maintained that she's innocent and in a twist to the case also added that Neeraj Grover's body was intact - smashing the theory that Grover's body was chopped into 300 pieces before being set alight by co-accused and fiance, Emile Jerome Mathew.

'Maria is a threat'
Neeraj Grover's parents now fear that Maria Susairaj might try and harm them.

Like all celebrity criminals, she too has a host of opportunities to earn a more than decent living from showbiz!

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