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Sunday, July 3, 2011

NEERAJ GROVER MURDER CASE: When is a murder a murder?!
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The murder of a young TV production executive, Neeraj Grover, in May 2008, had shocked the country, and the trial court judgement which has just become available appears to be no less shocking.
The circumstances attending on the tragedy had lent themselves to sensation, especially since the episode appeared to suggest a ménage à trois with which were associated a Kannada actor, Maria Susairaj, and a young naval officer, Emile Jerome, besides the murdered executive.
For the city of Mumbai, there were reminders in this of the Nanavati affair of the 1960s which had also involved glamorous individuals, and indeed later became the subject of a motion picture. But in the Nanavati case, the broad sense was that justice had been done.
In the present instance, however, many who have followed the details are apt to be seized with dismay about the verdict as well as the sentencing, even if allowances are to be made for inadequate evidence gathering by the police and a less than energetic case constructed by the prosecution. There are other striking departures from the story of Commander Nanavati. T
he submarine officer had shot dead the paramour of his wife, the mother of his two children, in his own drawing room and driven straight to the police to confess to the crime. In sharp contrast, in the Grover-Maria-Jerome affair, the murdered man was chopped up into hundreds of pieces after he was stabbed and allowed to bleed to death, and then the mutilated parts transported to a forest area for disposal.

01) The Hon. Judge also ignored the evidence that it was Maria Susairaj who called up Jerome Mathew to come down to Mumbai;

02) She also ensured that Neeraj was unaware of Mathews impening coming to Mumbai!

03) And also ensure that he is caught by Mathew  nude!

04) Another fact, grossly ignored, was that Mathew flew down from Kochi, without informing his superiors of his going on leave;

05) Further, he traveled on a fake identity, in a flight from Kochi to Mumbai?

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