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Friday, July 1, 2011

NEERAJ GROVER MURDER CASE: Jerome gets 10 years for Neeraj murder, !

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India Blooms News Service / July 01, 2011.

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Mumbai, July 1 (IBNS) Maria Susairaj, the small time Kannada actress accused of murdering TV executive Neeraj Grover along with her fiance Jerome, will walk free having served already three years in custody while Jerome was sentenced for ten years in jail by the Mumbai sessions court for the murder that hogged the national limelight.

While Maria was convicted for destroying the evidence and got three years' imprisonment- which she has already served - Emile Jerome Mathew, the Navy Lieutenant fiance of Maria, was convicted of culpable homicide not amounting to murder for his crime at the fit of rage.

Since no conspiracy angle could be proved by the prosecution, the sentence was lighter.

What has shocked everyone was how the duo chopped off the body of Neeraj after the crime and burnt it later in a jungle.

The father of Neeraj Grover said the verdict was no justice and wanted severe punishment for Maria who he blamed for the entire episode. He would move higher court against Maria.

"I do not understand the logic behind different sentences when both of them together committed the crime. How come Maria get less punishment," said Amarnath Grover, father of Neeraj.

"Maria is the main culprit here. It was she who called Neeraj to her apartment despite having a boyfriend [Jerome]," said Grover.

He said the case should be reviewed. 

01) Yes, the case should be reviewed, as the Navy Lt. Emile Jerome Mathew flew down, all the way from Kochi to Mumbai (without proceeding on an official leave-of-absence from his Naval base), on a fake identity at the behest of his fiancé, Maria Susairaj. 

02) They not only murdered Neeraj Grover but also cut his body into 300 pieces and disposed it off, in a cold blooded way.

03) The honorable judge chose to believe, that it was not a premeditated murder but was a killing by a jealous lover finding another person in the apartment of his fiancé, in a fit of rage.

04) If was a killing in a fit of anger, they would have called the police and surrendered; instead they have chosen to dispose off the body in a very ugly manner.

05) Now, the questions to be answered are,

A) How he concluded that it was a crime of passion, when the killer was invited to that flat by his fiancee, while the victim was very much with her, since the last Night?

B) Since, there were no eye-witnesses, apart from Emile Jerome Mathew and Maria Susairaj - the duo-murderers - while this gruesome act was committed, how can we believe the testimony of a couple who after killing have done whatever they have done to dispose off the body and along with the evidence?

C) Shouldn't the call records between the Susairaj and Mathew be taken into consideration, while giving a judgment?

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