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Sunday, July 10, 2011

NAXAL MENACE: Maoists regrouping in West Bengal!

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With joint-security operations virtually at a standstill in West Bengal, Maoists have started regrouping and recruiting cadres in the eastern state, intelligence inputs point.
The inputs received by the Home Ministry from three West Bengal districts - West Midnapore, Bankura and Purulia - have suggested that the Naxals have been able to lure a sizable number of youths and recruit them for armed training.
The recruitment drive and activities of the Maoists have intensified after Mamata Banerjee took charge as the chief minister since her government favoured talks with the ultras and virtually suspended all operations against them.

01) Naxalism is said to have been raising its head because of the growing economic disparity between the haves and have nots and they fight for the underdog;

02) However, Naxals, have proved their ruthlessness and greed for money and power by killing innocent tribals and villagers, for who they claim to be fighting;

03) Political parties, to gain, votes, on and off, have abandoned the Counter-Naxal initiatives of the Security Forces, which has always resulted in regrouping and restrengthening activity;

04) Even, in 2009 when the state of Andhra Pradesh has lifted curbs on them to facilitate a government-naxals negotiations, all they have done was regrouping and restrengthening of their cadres and sabotage the peace talks to try to strike back with an greater force, which, however, was quashed by the police.

05) Mamatadi too has done the same thing by discouraging any counter-naxalism and now the state has to face the Naxal violence.

06) Anyway, the containment of naxalism is the state subject and the centre would always help them with additional forces, provided she has any intentions of moving towards that direction!

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