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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Man in Sydney lashed 40 times for drinking under Muslim ‘Sharia Law’!

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The 31-year-old man in Sydney, who was allegedly lashed 40 times with a cable has said he was the victim of the Muslim ‘Sharia Law’.
The man was asleep in his unit in Melton Street, Silverwater, when he woke to find four unknown men in his bedroom. Three of the intruders allegedly restrained him on the bed, while the fourth used a cable to lash him 40 times.
He said that he was a recent convert to Wahhabism and had been punished by members of his congregation for drinking, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.
Police has yet not confirmed whether the alleged attack involved sharia.
The man was lashed 40 times during the alleged assault, which is said to have lasted for 30 minutes.

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