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Thursday, July 28, 2011

ISLAMIC BOMB: ‘U.S. and Britain tried to prevent Pak. from going nuclear’!
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PTI / The Hindu / WASHINGTON, July 28, 2011.

The US and Britain undertook a secret campaign in the late 1970s to prevent Pakistan from going nuclear and unsuccessfully tried to block its attempted covert purchasing of “gray area” technology for its atomic weapons programme, according to declassified documents.

According to the newly declassified State Department Cables, released by the National Security Archive, the U.S. issued 300 demarches to Nuclear Exporters during 1978-1981 in attempt to halt Pakistani nuclear purchases.
At the same time, both Britain and the U.S. kept India in the dark, even as Indian officials had better intelligence information about Pakistan’s nuclear weapons programme.
The documents, however, do not mention the name A.Q. Khan, the National Security Archive said.
But already in late 1978, London and Washington were discovering the footprints of secret Pakistani purchasing organizations that were seeking the technology needed to produce fissile material -- plutonium and highly enriched uranium -- for nuclear weapons, it said.
01) When India, for the first time exploded a Nuclear Bomb, in 1974, the World Powers woke up to it with a disbelief!

02) When Pakistan, for the first time exploded a Nuclear Bomb, in 1976, the World Powers appears to have already put in their efforts to stop it but with futility!!

03) I am not proud of neither explosions nor the heavy defence expenditure both Countries have been spending, at the cost of the Primary Education, Health and Upliftment of its less privileged citizens!!!

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