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Sunday, July 17, 2011

INDO-PAK TALKS: Two blows to Indo-Pak ties, Perception from Pakistan!

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Published: July 17, 2011 /


Two new developments could hurt the India-Pakistan dialogue, which was restored barely three months ago after a hiatus of more than two years.

First, the three blasts that rocked Mumbai on July 13 have come just when the dialogue seemed to be headed in the right direction, and barely two weeks before the foreign ministers of both countries were set to meet in Delhi. The timing has prompted sections of the media and strategic community to suggest the attack could have emanated from Pakistan.

Singh’s policy of engaging with Pakistan has already been criticised by members of the ‘strategic enclave,’ who say his quest for peace with the latter is futile. And, in all probability, the appetite for peace with Pakistan will dwindle even further for a number of reasons. First, as in the aftermath of 26/11, some members of the business community have come down heavily against the government for not being serious enough in making India terror free. This is one issue the government can’t afford to ignore. Also, with Uttar Pradesh elections around the corner, the opposition BJP (itself in total disarray) will be happy to resort to jingoism and to play the terrorism card.

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