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Sunday, July 3, 2011

HYDERABAD ROCKS: Rules flouted, heritage rocks under threat!
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July 2: The government is flouting its own rules as it is in the process of laying a road that will destroy some stunning rock formations listed as heritage precincts by the Heritage Conservation Committee.
The twin rock clusters of Gangabowli and Allabanda Hills are in the heart of the city and provide panoramic views all around. However, the construction of a road is on full swing by demolishing the rock formations and the Heritage Conservation Committee hasn’t done anything about it. The Heritage Conservation Committee of HMDA had notified 15 rock formations as heritage precincts in February 2009 and Gangabowli and Allabanda Hills were included in the list. According to the rules, no mining i.e., destruction of rocks, should take place in these precincts and for any development activities in the premises, one has to get a clearance from the HCC.

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