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Sunday, July 3, 2011

HEALTH & EXCESS SALT: Kids risk ill health, shorter life with too much salt!
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July 2, 2011 / IANS, London / DC.

Kids risk ill health, shorter life with too much salt

Health experts in Britain have warned that the processed foods and sauces at the heart of the nation's diet are actually fuelling a dangerous daily overdose of salt and putting children's health at risk.
Children are routinely eating too much salt, risking ill health and a shorter life. Typical amounts are at least 50 per cent more than the recommended daily maximum but some consume almost double.
High salt consumption pushes up blood pressure, which in the long term can lead to strokes and heart attacks. These are the country's biggest causes of death and disability, Daily Mail reported.
For their study, health campaigners took two typical daily menus enjoyed by many children. They calculated the salt content to be 9.3g to 9.6g.
However, for a child aged seven to ten, the recommended maximum is just 5g.

All junk and ready-to-eat foods contain excess salt and to be avoided as far as possible!

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