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Monday, July 18, 2011

FILM REVIEW: 'Deathly Hallows-2 - Worst Potter movie ever'!

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The movie might turn out to be a hit only among people who have not read the series.

A decade's worth of anticipation, along with Ms Rowling's efforts, and our dreams that grew around The Boy Who Lived and He Who Must Not be Named. In one single effort.
With a swish and a flick, Warner Brothers uttered the magic words. And there lay Harry Potter, dead, across thousands of screens across the world, all at the same time.
The worst Potter movie ever made. Period.
I suppose the movie might still turn out to be a raging hit among people who have not read the series. They would love the corpse because they shall never know what it was like when it was alive. But as for us, the diehard fans who have the books more than Hermione has read Hogwarts: A History, this was nothing short of our scarred hero being gangraped, mutilated, murdered.
I went to catch the first show, and the show got cancelled because I was the only spectator available. I went back again later, I could sacrifice watching it on 3D, but I couldn't have sacrificed watching it on the first day.
And they gave me this, in return.
Warning: The rest of the article contains spoilers
Where did it all go wrong, then? Let's start at the very beginning:
Good Review, but "Based on non-final figures, Deathly Hallows 2 opened on an amazing £23.64m at UK box-office, smashing all-time record for opening weekend" - Charles!

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