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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

EUROPEAN E. Coli Threat: A Search Is Under Way for Tainted Sprout Seeds!

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By WILLIAM NEUMAN / Published: July 5, 2011.

Authorities are frantically trying to trace all of the tainted fenugreek seeds from a large shipment linked to a deadly E. coli outbreak in Europe, saying the product was distributed more widely than previously thought.

In a new report, a large shipment of organic Egyptian fenugreek seeds was distributed to dozens of companies in at least 12 European countries, the European Food Safety Authority said on Tuesday. Investigators were still trying to determine if additional countries had received some of the seeds.

“The trace forward operation is becoming complex and widespread and may take weeks,” the report said, referring to efforts to locate the seed shipments.
Investigators are now focusing on a single shipment of more than 16 tons of Egyptian fenugreek seeds that was received by a German importer in December 2009, according to the report.
Authorities say that sprouts grown from the seed, often used in salads, were responsible for two major outbreaks of a rare strain of E. coli bacteria, known as O104:H4.

01) At least this time round, do they have enough proof to condemn the Egyptian Organic Fenugreek Seeds?

02) Or is it a some kind of maligning campaign by the GM Seed suppliers and / or Farm Chemical Manufacturers?

03) I am raising this doubt, as last Month too they blamed Spanish Cucumbers for the outbreak!

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