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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

EMPLOYMENT: The changing face of IT recruitment!

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AMUTHA KANNAN / The Hindu / July 4, 2011.

Come out of your comfort zone and prove your mantle. File photo
Come out of your comfort zone and prove your mantle. File photo - The Hindu.

The ‘recruit, train and place' model may soon be passé. The focus is now shifting to ready-to-hire administrators who can challenge the IT industry and not be mere ‘yes-men'. How ready is the Gen Y?
With a changing market scenario, the factors that govern recruitment are also changing. Alongside the standard practices that steer recruitment, the Information Technology industry is now looking at introducing new criteria that form the basis of recruitment.
Its recruitment methods have traversed many forms, namely, Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Social and Spiritual Quotient (SQ), and Employability Quotient (EQ). The new entrant now is Flexibility Quotient (FQ). Focus is no longer on the marks, but on making a mark. Many IT industries are also doing away with written tests that form part of the selection process in campuses. This has given way to ‘scenario-based tests' based on real-time situations or case studies. A strong base in domain knowledge complemented by good response to real-time situations is the winning criteria.
Industry is also trying to shift from the ‘recruit, train and place' model to recruiting ready-to-hire administrators who can work hard. It is looking for young talent that can challenge the industry and not be a mere ‘yes-men'.
With such expectations, what is the actual output it gets from the college portals? With only 25 per cent of those who graduate are employable, it is anybody's guess what the industry is facing.

Truly tall order for the Gen-Y, most of them still believe in high scores, through mugging!

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