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Friday, July 8, 2011

DEPRESSION CAPITAL OF INDIA?: A fatal hangout for teenagers!

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A fatal hangout for teenagers

What would you say if you knew Bengaluru was rated as the youth suicide capital of the country? Pre-teens and teens have been in the news of late for committing suicide.
The reasons range from dejection, fear of failure and even aping something they have seen. A couple of days ago, a seven-year-old was taken to see the hanging body of his school caretaker. Did the teachers even think of the emotional impact on the children? Needless to say, the boy was found hanging by his belt in the classroom, the next day! In two other cases a 15-year-old committed suicide because her marks were not good enough. A few days later, a 12-year-old wanted to donate her organs to her ailing father and consumed pesticides to end her life.

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