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Friday, June 24, 2011

TERROR IN IRAQ: Blasts rip through western Baghdad killing 40!

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Iraqi policemen stand at a checkpoint in Baghdad's Karkh area amid tight security following car bombs in recent days - AFP.

Four bombs ripped through Shiite neighbourhoods in Baghdad this evening, killing at least 40 people in the worst violence the capital has seen in months, Iraqi officials said.
An American civilian contractor also died in a separate attack. The violence underscored the fragile nature of the security gains in Iraq at a time when American forces are preparing to withdraw by the end of this year and the challenges facing the State Department personnel and American contractors who would continue on after the US military is gone.
The first three bombs went off in quick succession in a Southwestern Baghdad neighbourhood shortly after 7pm. One targeted a Shiite mosque, another exploded just outside a popular market, while the third went off inside the market where people were doing their evening shopping ahead of the Muslim weekend, Iraqi police officials said.
The officials said 34 people died and 82 others were injured in the three blasts. An official from Baghdad's Yarmouk hospital confirmed the casualty figures.
An Iraqi resident, Jabir Ali, said he was about 200 meters away when one of the bombs went off near a barbershop where his cousin works.
When will these Mindless, Mass Murders stop?
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