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Sunday, June 26, 2011

RAHUL FOR PM: Sycophants see survival in Rahul succession - Prabhu Chawla!

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Last Updated : 25 Jun 2011 06:20:16 PM IST.

Who is in such a hurry to make Rahul Gandhi the prime minister? His mother, Sonia Gandhi? The Congress Party? Or those who conduct opinion polls? Constitutionally, there is no bar on Rahul from becoming prime minister. He is an elected Lok Sabha member. His party has 206-odd MPs who will be too willing to elect him as their leader. UPA’s allies can write to the President extending their unconditional support to Rahul. But in Congress culture, such constitutional niceties are often ignored or forgotten. No decision has been taken to topple Prime Minister Manmohan Singh through press statements. The allies haven’t met to express their non-confidence in him. But last week, Digvijaya Singh, known best for his destabilising acumen, unnerved the Government when he said that Rahul had matured and acquired all the necessary qualities to become prime minister. Diggy forgot that there is no vacancy. Manmohan Singh has no plans to quit in favour of the prime minister-in-waiting either. Both Sonia and Rahul have expressed their full confidence in Manmohan Singh’s ability to lead the Government. Since she herself gave up the top job, Sonia can’t be faulted for inspiring the sudden sycophantic swing in Rahul’s favour.
Then, why is it that some Congress leaders associated with the Gandhi Parivar miss no opportunity to remind people that Manmohan Singh is a night watchman and Rahul will soon replace him? That too, at a time when the Government and the party are struggling to defend themselves from an aggressive opposition and an agitated civil society over corruption and non-governance? When in power, Congressmen enjoy the present, but they always plot and conspire to secure their future too. For majority of them, Manmohan Singh is a soon-to-be-past prime minister. Digvijaya and his clones are emboldened by opinion poll results on Rahul’s rising popularity—barely a seven-year-old in politics, Rahul has become the most sought after youth icon in the country. With little administrative experience or ideological conviction, he is surprisingly perceived as India’s best prime ministerial candidate, leaving the incumbent prime minister far behind. More Congress leaders, chief ministers, Union ministers and even civil servants are seen hovering around 12 Tughlak Lane, Rahul’s official address, than at 7 Race Course Road.

But, Dr. Subramanian Swamy sees a fundamental legal restriction from Rahul ever becoming a PM!

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