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Thursday, June 23, 2011

PAK CAULDRON, Shahnaz Bibi stripped and paraded: The naked truth!

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The naked truth

Middle-aged Shahnaz Bibi’s ordeal at the hands of her village’s tough guys makes hers the most read story on the BBC World website. Earlier this month in the remote village of Neelor Bala in Haripur district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, she was punished for her son’s alleged affair with a neighbour’s wife, possibly under a jirga ruling.
Bibi was stripped and paraded alongside her 11-year-old son through the village streets at gunpoint. The entire village religiously came to watch the spectacle, ostensibly under threat from the gun-toting men who terrorised the innocent woman.
The report tells us that when they finally let her go, she ran straight for the forest and spent the night there with her child, too scared and ashamed to return home. It took her three days after the incident to muster up the courage to lodge a complaint with the police. Some of the accused have been since arrested while others are still at large; but Bibi is scarred for life and says going back to the village where she was humiliated is not an option for her. Even if all of her tormentors are brought to justice life will never be the same for her. Henceforth, she shall live in self-imposed exile from her home.

This story is luminescent of another such similar punishment meted out to the relatives of an Indian villager, who eloped with his lover!

So, culturally, they are no different from us!!

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