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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ripening Chemical in ‘Papaya’ gave me a Fractured Ankle!


Yes, for the 1st. time in my 54 Years on this Earth - I had a violent chemical-reaction - manifesting in 'unbearable, whole (Full) body itching'.

I searched causes for this kind of allergic reaction, on the net, but couldn’t find much information as to any home remedy.

And within a couple of hours my blood pressure had dropped to very dangerous levels (sub-70) and if I hadn’t been rushed to a nearby Hospital - Specialists there said - I would’ve died and they further confirmed that there were a few such instances, where people have died without knowing what hit them. 

The doctors there, initially, diagnosed it to be a ‘drug-reaction’ and tried to revive me by boosting-up my blood pressure levels with whatever medicines / drugs they should through intravenous injections.  On my recovering consciousness, when they were enquiring about what drugs, I had taken that Day, I named the drugs, all of which have been prescription ones and which I have been using for longer periods and insisted that those prescription drugs for which My body is so used to that it is unlikely it could be a ‘drug-reaction’.
The next Day Morning, they started enquiring of what food I had the previous Evening to which I replied ‘Papaya’.  The Sr. Physician there advised me that I should desist from taking ‘Papaya’ as it’s giving me violent allergic reaction. 

Well, I had taken Papaya scores of times and it never gave me any kind of allergy, earlier and wondered how it, suddenly, started to give me ‘reaction’.  Then, I recalled having read and seen ‘expose’ of unscrupulous fruit & vegetable vendors using dangerous chemicals to ripen them, though I couldn’t recall the names of any.
Finally, the Doctors concluded that it must be ‘Chemical-Reaction’ that went into my stomach through ‘Papaya’.

It all started with my taking - on Friday Last (September 28, 2012) - a small bowlful of Papaya pieces and within 5 minutes, I had that violent chemical-reaction.  After trying to find some cause & probable home-remedy for my condition, I went to toilet and I lost my consciousness and with it my balance that I fell on the ground with a twisted right ankle. 

My right ankle has been casted in accordingly and I’ve been discharged the next Day, after instructing me to stop putting any weight (my body-weight) on my Right Feet (Ankle), take the prescribed medicines and also do some physiotherapy exercises, for six Weeks before I visit them for inspection to remove the casting on my feet.

The next Day after my discharge from the Hospital, I searched, this time round for ‘fruit ripening chemicals’ and I found out that Calcium Carbide is extensively used for ripening most fruit which may also contain “arsenic and phosphorous” which make the fruit poisonous and less tasty.

And also that it costs only Rs. 60/- per Kilogram and only around 100 Grams is used to ripen, artificially, 50 Kilograms of Fruit.

Usage of ‘Calcium Carbide’ for fruit ripening is banned in most countries including in India.
Either with the help of our lethargic & / or corrupt ‘Food Safety Enforcers’, the deceitful fruit traders are poisoning so many innocent people some of whom could be infants, the weak, old or those convalescing from some ailment, with this banned Chemical or they must be using some other toxic chemical for the same purpose.

No Wonder, people would want to go back in History where everything is grown through natural processes only and never used any artificial, especially of the Inorganic type contamination.

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